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 Our Mission:


"To promote the values of understanding and awareness through education and community service for all Colorado residents."

For ALL Colorado Residents...

White Rose

Scholarship Foundation


White Rose is a program of the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire (ICRME). Since 1993, we have awarded academic scholarships to students based on academic achievement, community involvement and financial need without regard for the applicant's gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, race, or religion. To date, White Rose Scholarship Foundation has awarded more than $285,000. Scholarships are funded through donations from private donors, community driven events, and with help from partners like the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire.



Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire


Established in 1973, ICRME is proud to be one of the oldest gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered 501(c)3 organizations in Colorado. Over the last four decades, ICRME has remained committed to raising funds for charitable organizations in need of assistance and has raised over one million dollars to date. Click the icon below to visit ICRME's website and learn more.


Endowment Fund


Founded in 2001, the Cressy-West Endowment Fund was named for two beloved members of our community: Buddy Cressy (ICRME Permanent Title: Prince of the Fire and Ice Rose) and Michael West (ICRME Emperor XVII).


The Endowment Fund was created to ensure a lasting legacy and the financial security of our scholarship program.  As The Cressy-West Endowment Fund continues to mature and grow, our goal is to provide perpetual scholarships through the endowment.  In keeping with the mission of White Rose Scholarship Foundation, the Cressy-West Endowment is sure to make significant and lasting charitable contributions for years to come.

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